Welcome to The Ardmore Vet! To all April's old clients– how’s it going? She hopes your furry family have been keeping well while she has been busy creating this new, purpose build, small animal clinic. To all new clients, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves and this new practice.

The Ardmore Vet is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Brookby and Clevedon, and the practice, therefore, enjoys stunning scenery. All this and still only a few minutes from the local centres of Papakura, Takanini, Clevedon and Manurewa/Manukau.

In her experience of nearly 30 years as a veterinarian, April believes that trips to the vet are rarely combined with shopping, school pick-up or done on the way home. The trip to the vet is usually a totally seperate outing.

By situating the clinic 5 minutes out of town you can avoid the stress, the traffic, the kids and the shopping melting in the back of the car, and look forward to a rural experience far beyond the usual ‘vet visit’

We hope that the relaxed and beautiful environment will make attending the clinic as stress-free as possible. We want to provide the most wonderful environment both for you and us so that we provide the best level of care possible for your pet.

Meet Us

April began her veterinary career at the University of London where she studied to obtain her degree. April went on to set up her first veterinary clinic in 1984 and was awarded 'London Vet of the Year' in 1996- an award initiated by client nomination and then adjudicated by the most professionally respected bodies of the veterinary profession in the UK. In addition to her clinic, April has worked in a number of diverse veterinary positions- these included:

• Thames Television (UK) as veterinary advisor and television presenter

• Vet for the London Metropolitan Police, mounted division, (attending vet at the Knightsbridge Bombing by the I.R.A.). Routine vet for Whitbread Brewery Show Dray Horses.

• Expert witness giving veterinary advice in court proceedings and as a veterinary advisor to various agencies, including A.G. Fox (Litigation & Consultancy Services) Ltd, Dr Roger Mugford, animal behaviourist and R.S.P.C.A.

• Appointed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to give evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the amendment of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

• Member of British government panel on housing and dogs, chaired by Sir Roger Gale M.P.

• After emigrating in 2003 April gave direct advice to Chris Carter with regard to the workings of a similar dog control act here in New Zealand.

April has a daughter Shannon who attends the local school, and her two sons, Luke and Eliot live locally. Eliot is also the practice manager.