Our Practice

Here at The Ardmore Vet, we base all treatments on ‘what should be done’ rather than ‘what can be done’ and we employ a simple standard of ‘what would I do if this was my pet and my family’.

We pride ourselves on treating your pet as a member of your family and, whilst we are primarily an advocate for your pet and the prevention of suffering, we will endeavour to guide you through, sometimes, difficult decisions.


  • The Ardmore Vet is small animal veterinary clinic.

  • Opening times 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 12noon Saturday.

  • Consultations are by appointment.

  • Referral to specialists in medicine/surgery will be made when appropriate and after full discussion of options and possible outcome.

  • Wildlife will be given first aid and referred to the specialist rescue group.

  • April Jones is registered with MAF for export certification.



  • A ‘wellness clinic – routine health checks are encouraged rather than waiting for disease to become obvious.

  • Combining ‘In House’ blood testing and outside laboratories will keep the costs down but maintain accuracy of results and access to specialist pathologists.

  • By testing and making appropriate changes your pet’s life can be extended, enhanced and actually SAVE you money in veterinary fees!

E.G. A cat may be detected as diabetic up to 3 years before clinical signs are obvious. A simple change in diet may totally prevent the full blown disease and difficult and expensive treatment with insulin injections and daily urine collection totally avoided.



  • Employing the latest radiographic technology with a new high frequency multistep X-ray machine.

  • The quality of radiography will be further enhanced by the use of ‘state of the art’ digital imaging.

  • The cost of obtaining images will far less.

  • Radiographs may be taken at the time of the consultation removing the need for a further visit and reducing the time between the onset of the problem and treatment.

  • Improved technology will revolutionise the treatment of critical and emergency cases.


  • Separate surgical areas for sterile work (e.g spays, neuters etc ) and non-sterile work (e.g. teeth cleaning, grooming etc ).

  • Surgical and kennel areas have been designed to allow constant observation during and after surgery.


  • Fully computerised with the ‘Jupiter – Voyager’ system imported from the UK.

  • Staff to spend less time on office matters and more time with you and your pet.

  • The system can generate reminders for you on any matter – vaccinations, repeat injections for allergies, or even that ‘Fluffy’s or ‘Fido’s birthday is next week!

  • Mobile texting --- to remind you of appointments/surgeries you have booked. Sent the day before, this will also serve to remind you not feed Fluffy/Fido breakfast on the morning of the operation!

Whilst the best equipment and facilities all aid the veterinarian to provide quality care I believe it is the approach to you and your pet that dictates the real quality of the clinic.

I will always take the time to discuss treatment options. Making decisions at a stressful time when your pet may be very unwell can feel overwhelming. Recent advances in medicine and surgery can make decision-making even more difficult. There are so many factors involved including cost, time commitment and sometimes conflict of wishes between family members.

I very much look forward to serving as your veterinarian for years to come.